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Desktop Alert enables the Nation’s emergency response community and corporations to communicate emergency and important communications worldwide. From threats and hazard warnings through corporate messages, Desktop Alert provides multiple communications tools that deliver content directly to computer screens, email, mobile devices, SMS, large display and kiosks. Desktop Alert is the only US internal communications company to receive coveted DISA security certification by the US DoD. Among our government clients, US Department of Defense, NATO worldwide (sole provider), US Army, US Air Force, US National Guard, and the US Academy at West Point. Among our corporate clients: Mercedes Benz, Atlantic Health, Honeywell, Promedica, Vanderbilt University, Scottrade, General Dynamics and SIAC.

Desktop Alert includes message tracking and reporting in real time and our API allows integration with third party programs. The Content Manager includes multiple administrators with full/limited rights.

SAAS and locally hosted solutions

Desktop Alert offers three versatile business models to cater to diverse organizational needs: Software as a Service (SaaS), a locally hosted solution, and a hybrid solution that seamlessly integrates local instances of the platform with cloud services. The locally hosted solution is designed to operate securely behind an organization's firewall, ensuring enhanced data protection and privacy. Moreover, Desktop Alert's locally hosted solution boasts robust integration capabilities, seamlessly connecting with directory services like Active Directory and various enterprise applications and appliances through web services. This multi-faceted approach ensures that Desktop Alert can provide tailored, efficient, and secure alerting solutions for any organizational structure.

Alyssa's Law Alerting System - The Source

Our Alyssa's Law Solution is designed as a user-friendly, do-it-yourself kit, requiring no specialized computer skills to install or operate. This approach not only makes the system exceptionally accessible but also ensures it is highly affordable, aligning with various budgetary requirements. The core component of our solution is the Panic Button, which epitomizes simplicity and efficiency. These buttons are USB Plug-n-Play, requiring minimal setup — simply plug them into any compatible device. To activate an alert, a user needs only to press and hold the button for 3 seconds, triggering an immediate response. This design philosophy underscores our commitment to providing straightforward, effective security solutions that can be easily adopted and used by anyone, regardless of their technical expertise. With this system, we aim to empower individuals and organizations to enhance their safety protocols effortlessly and cost-effectively.

Tools and Panic Buttons

Desktop Alert offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to enhance emergency communication and response. Our array of solutions includes both virtual and physical panic buttons, providing immediate alert capabilities in critical situations. We also offer specialized hospital alerts, dynamic tickers, interactive surveys, and innovative screensaver and lockscreen channels for continuous information dissemination. To ensure seamless integration with existing systems, Desktop Alert provides a robust API for third-party integration, facilitating a cohesive and interconnected emergency response network. Our system is designed to communicate effectively across all devices, encompassing VOIP phones, beacons, loudspeakers, kiosks, and web relays. This wide-ranging compatibility ensures that alerts are broadcasted promptly and reliably, reaching everyone in the network, regardless of their location or the device they are using.

At Desktop Alert, we are committed to providing versatile and effective solutions for timely and widespread communication in urgent scenarios, ensuring that critical information is always at your fingertips.

Employee Communications

In today's remote and hybrid work environments, maintaining effective communication with employees is paramount. Companies across the globe, spanning various sectors, rely on Desktop Alert to keep their workforce informed and engaged. Our versatile platform enables direct communication to employees' computer screens, phones, emails, SMS, large displays, and kiosks, ensuring targeted and efficient message delivery.

With Desktop Alert, organizations can leverage a range of tools including alerts, surveys, tickers, screensavers, and lockscreen images. These features allow multiple administrators to craft comprehensive communication campaigns, complete with detailed metrics for insightful analysis. As a testament to our system's effectiveness, we've included a public link to a tutorial video from one of our esteemed clients, showcasing how they utilize Desktop Alert to streamline communication with their employees. This resource provides valuable insights into the practical application and benefits of our platform in a real-world setting.

Emergency Communications

Desktop Alert stands at the forefront of rapid emergency communication, empowering both the Nation's military and civilian emergency response teams. Our system excels in swiftly delivering emergency messages across global networks and to specific users. Recognized for its high-security standards, Desktop Alert is the only US internal communications company to have earned the DISA certification from the Department of Defense and is the exclusive provider to NATO globally.

Our platform is adept at broadcasting a wide range of alerts, including those from FEMA, NOAA, CAP, and IPAWS, ensuring comprehensive coverage in critical situations. Among our esteemed clients are key institutions like the US Army, US Air Force, The United States Military Academy at West Point, and the National Guard, all of whom rely on the Desktop Alert (DTA) mass notification platform for their essential communication needs. This endorsement by major national organizations underscores our commitment to delivering reliable, secure, and efficient emergency communication solutions.

Total Healthcare Alerting Systems

Our Healthcare Alert system delivers emergency and administrative messages on every device, including: computers, VOIP phones, large displays, kiosks, mobile phones, SMS, email, beepers, loudspeakers and beacons. The system includes one-button operation of virtual and physical panic buttons and includes a non-intrusive mini alert designed for hospitals that does not interfere with on-screen content.

Multimedia alerts, bulletins, reminders, and more are easily and quickly prepared. Simple one button activation provides enterprise-wide mass notification.

Best of Breed Notification Platform

Command Center Software

Secure map-based Command Center monitors facilities, sends alerts and answers calls for help from on or off site locations through any internet browser.

Single Click Built-In Language Choice

Quickly Manage language selections on-the-fly. The system enables all clients access to all languages. This means one alert can be sent out in several languages with no special usage skills.

DISA Approved/Certified IP-Based Software

Desktop Alert was lauded by Fort Hood for its mass notification capabilities and speed of alerting during a active shooter event.

Mass Alert Notification Systems

Secure Common Area Alerting Devices - All Languages

Desktop Alert delivers emergency notification, communications and provides an intuitive management system that allows administrators respond much more quickly and effectively in an emergency situation.

Integrated Public Alert and Warning System

The Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS) is an architecture that unifies the United States’ Emergency Alert System, National Warning System, Wireless Emergency Alerts, and NOAA Weather Radio, under a single platform.

Alert Activation by Phone & Mobile

The Desktop Alert iPhone application verbally “announces the alert” without user intervention.Further, Desktop Alert pushes Video alerts, pre-recorded OR video alerts that automatically connect to live security cameras.

Initiate emergency alerts to ip-addressable warning devices via single web-based interface.

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Desktop Alert is a best-of-breed IP-Based alert technology which provides seamless integration with enterprise-class federated environments and shares communications and commands using standardized protocols such as XML and HTML

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